Friday, August 10, 2012

NY to CT..

 Cody,AJ and Nick
 Stopped at
on our way to Connecticut.
 Two of my favorite bikes
911 and Make a Wish

 Having fun in CT..
with cousins
 My trip to CT was
AWESOME cause I got to see my brother.
Bryan,Dad and I.

 Friends of ours
Beautiful work they have done

 The Campbell's
(loved seeing my Grammy..she looks amazing)
Hayden, GRANDPA and AJ
We had a great time..
Love ya :)

Cooperstown NY

 Welcome to
Cooperstown Dream Park
 AJ's home for a week

 Opening Ceremonies
 Caity and Hayden
Win #1
 Win #2
 Win #3
 Win #4
 Win #5
 Win #6
 Nick,Christopher and AJ
Baseball Hall of Fame
 Hayden and AJ loved
looking at all the great items..
and especially the RED SOX!
 AJ was #9 for the week,
the boys dont get to pick their number

 Hayden watching AJ,
he can't wait til it's his turn
Last day and closing
The Prospects finished the week
Great job and way to go

Thursday, August 9, 2012

CO to NH

 Had a great time in NH with
Mom and Rick.
A few days before heading to
Cooperstown, NY
 Poppa and the boys

 The boys and I
 Went to the beach...
Atlantic Ocean :)

AJ,Hayden,Meme and Poppa
We had a lot of fun..
Love you!