Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Road to Omaha...

DC Huskies

ready for day 1 of

The Omaha, NE

Slumpbuster 2011


Found this pub in Omaha
had to have dinner there with the
It was pretty good!

The boys after game 1 against
Gainsville, FL Ghosts.
It was a tuff loss and they are trying to stay cool
while waiting for the next game.

My little guy and I

Had to find a few Caches while in Iowa...

We had a great time at the


Were we able to catch the



Ahhh yes...

The Road to Omaha!!!

Time for a lunch break!

DC Huskies vs Long Island Lookouts
(and this was a good hit)

"Speedy" gets the call to steel :)

That's a run for us.

3 for 3

Great job.... AJ

Hayden has his rally cap on.

It was hard seeing Kyle leave...he and AJ have been

teammates since 07.

Kyle and his family are moving to FL

and they will all be missed so much. We will take

a trip to FL for sure.

The gang..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a Happy Day....

Happy Birthday



Father's Day


We love you!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Caching!

Today was such a beautiful day to be outdoors,

so we headed out to Geocache. Found a few new finds.

We are excited to find a few in Iowa...just a few days away!!

The cache was titled "Bite Me"...and was hidden

inside this.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Elk Hollow..Durango CO 2011

We surprised my Dad(it was a special birthday) with a family

trip to Durango Colorado for a week. My Step-mom

booked us all at the most beautiful home called

Elk Hollow.

It gets the name from what you can see in the picture above.

Yes, everyday(unless they would hear at

Dawn and Dusk theElk would like to come out of the woods.


My father...taking it all in and just loving it....


A view of the home and all the playing
area you could ask for.

Dad and all the boys having fun

playing Wiffleball.

They loved it!!

Brady...taking his turn.

We took the kids to Honeyville.

At Honeyville you can see them making honey from the

Bees and a whole lot more.

Yes...some amazing wines!!


Downtown Durango...all the kids

minus Charlotte.

The four of us on the train...headed to

Silverton from Durango.

The boys at Vallecito Lake

Hayden having fun trying to catch some


AJ....enjoyed fishing

Grandpa and Hayden

Grandpa,AJ,Brady and Hayden

Lily had fun picking some wild flowers.

(she's just so adorable)

The four of us at the "high point" of

Mesa Verde

My favorite picture of all 5 kiddos.

(AJ with his arm around Charlotte is priceless)


Our last day in Durango

Here we all are walking through

Spruce Tree House

Mesa Verde.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

See ya 5th grade!!

AJ and a few of his closest friends

(Boh,Brookelyn,Nick,Ethan,Adam,Josh, Reggie and AJ)

WOW, I can't believe my 1st born is headed to

6th grade!!

Kindergarten Graduation 2011

Hayden and his teacher Miss Fairchild.

He had a GREAT year and can't wait for

1st grade.

Hayden and Caity

(they're so cute)

Hayden and his classmates

Hayden and Leighton

Great job...Hayden!!

You had an amazing year and we're

all very proud of you.